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CitySquare fights poverty through many unique programs including Walk-In Case Management and Housing Programs. More than 600 housing units in Dallas are provided through our housing programs.

We believe everyone has the right to safe housing.


If you are in an immediate housing crisis, call the Homeless Crisis Helpline: (888) 411-6802


Our goal: Every neighbor obtains and maintains permanent and affordable housing.

CitySquare's Housing and Resource Programs include:


Neighbor Research Center: Neighbors can walk into our Neighbor Resource Center and speak with one of our resource navigators about housing options and other resources, including SNAP, WIC, healthcare, financial assistance, mental health services, and more. Our resource coaching can help provide navigation and support.


Walk-in hours for questions about housing or resources:

Tuesday - Friday, 8am-3pm 

1610 S Malcolm X Blvd, bldg 100 

Dallas, TX 75226

Housing Assistance Questions?

Please call (469) 904-7060, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm.

Our Homeless Outreach Team: Affectionately known as our HOT Team, case workers go into the community,

meeting neighbors where they are, whether that’s on the street or at a shelter.​


CitySquare does not offer financial assistance at this time. If you are in need of financial assistance, please visit for rent or utility bill resources.


The process of helping someone get housing takes time. Our CitySquare staff members are made up of the

determination, kindness and persistence it takes to help someone become successfully and permanently housed.


Housing takes patience… to build trust, to understand a person’s barriers and challenges, and to find and obtain

the required legal documents needed to get someone on the Dallas housing list.


After an individual is housed, our case managers continue with them, working to overcome obstacles and ensure

they maintain housing.


​Please note: CitySquare Housing has been renamed Central Dallas Community Development Corporation. While

they have always been a separate organization from CitySquare, we have and will continue to partner as we

always have, by offering Support Services to help neighbors maintain permanent housing. Learn more about

Central Dallas Community Development Corporation here.


  • The CitySquare Food Pantry remains open. Please click here for our updated Food Pantry hours.

  • You may visit for available resources for financial assistance for rent or utility bills

  • If you are in an immediate housing crisis, call the Homeless Crisis Helpline: (888) 411-6802

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