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Health Insurance

Getting connected to a qualified health plan is essential to your overall health and well-being. CitySquare’s Certified Health Navigators provide individual navigation assistance with enrollment in Marketplace insurance and Texas State Benefits. Healthcare plans cover most of your health needs – from annual check-ups, prescription drugs, doctor /specialist visits and a sense of peace for a healthy mind and body.

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What healthcare coverage options are you interested in applying for? / ¿Qué opciones de atención médica le interesa solicitar?
How did you hear about us? / ¿Cómo te enteraste de nosotras?

Thank you! A Health Navigator will reach out to you soon.

     Connect to a Health Navigator if you:

  • Are turning 26 and leaving your parent’s health plan.

  • Are getting married or divorced.

  • Received an “End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage” letter.

  • Are having a baby or adopting a child.

  • Have a change in your job.

  • Have any changes in citizenship.

  • Need assistance with current Marketplace insurance or Texas State Benefits.



Want to know more about your healthcare options? Please fill out and submit this form.

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