Spring in CitySquare’s Community Garden

Date: March 14, 2017

Spring is almost here, which means the CitySquare Community Garden is breaking ground. Less than a month ago, on Saturday, February 25, volunteers drove 8 truckloads of garden mulch from Mesquite to CitySquare’s Community Garden in south Dallas. Over the following two days, 29 volunteers helped fill 300 square feet of garden plots with the mulch.

Many of those volunteers are neighbors who use the CitySquare Clinic, located just next door to the garden. Case Manager Kathy Bennett manages the garden and says that neighbors in the area are invested in the garden and knowledgeable about caring for it.

“The neighbors we serve provide most of the seeds and care required to make the garden a success,” Bennett says. Some of the vegetables grown, such as the green beans, come from heirloom seeds provided by neighbors with expert gardening experience. Other seeds are donated from around the community.

With the help of volunteers, neighbors keep food growing year-round in the garden, but spring is when things really pick up. Crops include watermelon, squash, green beans, tomatoes and much more. When it’s time to harvest, the garden is open to everyone in need.

“Anyone can have anything at any time,” says Bennett. During the height of summer, she harvests vegetables daily and puts them out at the clinic for visiting families to take. Passersby are also allowed to come and take what they need for their families.

For the last four years, the garden has been a source of healthy local food for neighbors experiencing food insecurity in south Dallas. Like all of CitySquare’s programs, it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors.