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John Siburt, CitySquare President & CEO


CitySquare has changed quite a bit since 1988. What began as a small neighborhood food pantry transformed into the most comprehensive and effective poverty-fighting organization in Dallas. Our neighbors fueled our growth, teaching us how to address the needs of health, hunger, housing, and hope as a community rooted in values of faith, justice, and stewardship. They show us daily how the power of love can transform not only individual hearts, minds, and
attitudes—but also communal systems, institutions, and economies.

It was the power of love that enabled CitySquare to quickly pivot our work in 2020 to respond to the devastating impact of a global pandemic. We adapted our programs to respond to the physical, emotional, and economic destruction caused by Covid-19. Your generosity and unwavering support sustained us in the fight and showed our city the power of community.



The 2020 Annual Report highlights the amazing changes we made in responding to an unexpected crisis. Even more, it celebrates the transformation that occurs in the lives of our neighbors, staff, and donors when we come together as a community. CitySquare changes lives, restores relationships, and helps neighbors reclaim a future filled with hope. We can’t stop our work—and because of you, we won’t stop.

Your friend in the fight,


John Siburt

President & CEO


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Click here to download a pdf of the report.

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