poverty simulation game

At CitySquare, we do not have clients, we have friends and neighbors. We provide assistance with basic needs such as housing, food and clothing, as well as support with legal matters, education, employment and life in general. We like to say CitySquare is a place where you can find opportunity and hope.

The Poverty Simulation game is a group activity where participants "experience" and see poverty with a new perspective. The goal is to help our larger community better understand the challenges those living in poverty face. Seldom is poverty the result of a simple situation or cured by a simple solution.


Developed by CitySquare and Highland Park United Methodist Church team members, this simulation helps participants better understand the complex circumstances that usually surround poverty. We are grateful for our partners Projekt202 who developed the virtual game platform.

Before beginning, we believe it is important for participants to realize these conditions are difficult, real-world situations you might not feel fully comfortable with or don't have experience discussing. Please treat these situations with the appropriate respect, realizing these conditions are drawn from the real-life experience of our neighbors.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more.