Escaping Asset Poverty in Dallas

February 24, 2017

Neighbors in CitySquare’s Financial Empowerment program have seen some astounding success. Last year, after his release, a neighbor named David secured a job with a construction company in Dallas. Working with CitySquare’s financial coaches, David saved enough money for a used truck and built his personal savings to $8,000.
“That means in less than a year, David increased his net worth by about $13,000 and is no longer considered asset poor,” says Birdsong.
Though he asked us not to publish his last name, David’s story is encouraging other neighbors as they struggle to escape asset poverty.
“When people come to FinPow, they’re eager to provide for themselves and their families,” Birdsong says.
CitySquare CEO Larry James says that understanding the financial system is essential. Without support from the community, programs that help neighbors achieve that understanding wouldn’t be possible.