Meet Mozelle

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Addiction is a disease that runs in Mozelle’s family. Her mother battled with it for years until, in 2011, she lost the battle. “It took days for someone to find her after she died. That someone was me,” says Mozelle.
“I decided right then and there that I did not want to die like that,” she explains.
But the grip of addiction is powerful.
During the next few years, Mozelle would come close to stability and sobriety many times. She had a tough time leaving behind the destructive forces in her life.
Finally, Mozelle ended up in court. She met with a judge, who sent her to CitySquare rather than throwing her in jail. She got into a recovery program. It took some time and one more relapse, but she finally got clean.
During her recovery and even during her relapse, CitySquare staff called Mozelle every day to check on her.
With the encouragement of her case manager at CitySquare, she got her life back on track.
“There was only one thing I needed to change about me, and that was everything,” she says.
Mozelle is now employed with health insurance for the first time. She has a car that she pays for herself and a home in a sober living community. In June, celebrated two years of being clean. That may not sound like a long time to some, but it’s a period in which she has lost several close family members. Staying clean through tragedy has made her stronger. “No matter how bad it gets, every day is a blessing,” she says. “I take each one as it comes.”