Meet Marguerita

Categories: Meet Our Neighbors

For nearly a decade, Marguerita Phillips has come to the CitySquare Community Clinic every three or four months for regular check-ups to ensure she is living healthfully. Marguerita first heard of the Clinic in 2008 after experiencing a mild stroke. She says she has stayed with the Clinic because of the staff, the service, and the community atmosphere.

Marguerita says that when she shows up for an appointment, she never has to wait to be seen and the team of clinicians treats her like a part of the family. She credits her CitySquare Community Clinic family with catalyzing the lifestyle changes, such as eating well and staying active, that have allowed her to control her diabetes.

One way Marguerita stays active is by attending events held at the CitySquare Community Clinic. Exercise classes, tending the garden, and other community activities help her and other neighbors learn about healthy living while getting to know each other. She also stays active as a member of the PTA at Charles Rice Learning Center (formerly the PTA president) and does home healthcare for friends and their relatives. Always ready to give her time and energy, Mrs. Phillips says that serving others is one of her callings.

The experiences neighbors have at the CitySquare Community Clinic extend beyond their own lives. Marguerita shares the healthy living information and practices she learns with her family, especially her mother. Always busy helping others, she credits the CitySquare Community Clinic team with empowering her to do just that.

The CitySquare Community Clinic is proud to have Marguerita as part of their family.