Meet June

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Like many folks here in Dallas, there’s nothing more important to June Gates than family. One of the happiest days of her life was when her grandson Jeremiah was born.

Unfortunately, June’s daughter, Jeremiah’s mother, struggled with serious health issues that affected her ability to provide for Jeremiah. During the periods spent with his mother, Jeremiah didn’t have access to a stable home. He would miss significant amounts of school and go unsupervised for long periods of time.

June took her grandson in after he was abandoned for the first time. But the ongoing issues her daughter faced meant that there was little June could do to make sure Jeremiah remained in a stable home, attended school regularly and slept in a safe, warm bed.

As Jeremiah grew into adolescence, June knew that she needed to do something to ensure he wouldn’t be uprooted again. She turned to CitySquare LAW. There, CitySquare attorneys worked to shepherd her through the complex requirements she needed to meet so she could become Jeremiah’s adoptive mother.

In 2017, the adoption was granted.

Today, Jeremiah is thriving. He plays a range of instruments, from the guitar to the keyboard to the saxophone and beyond. He has also earned a green belt in karate and was recently recognized by Duke University for scholastic excellence, after earning a score in the top fifth percentile of the standardized ACT test.

“I think it’s a pretty clear case of disrupting the cycle of poverty by getting him into a stable and loving home that has subsequently equipped him to be a successful young man,” says CitySquare attorney Andrew Skinner, who worked on June’s case.

For her part, June credits her grandson with overcoming all he faced. “All anyone needs is a chance,” she says. “Now he’s got one, and he doesn’t take it for granted. You can see that by all he’s already achieved.”