Meet Arthur

Categories: Meet Our Neighbors

Arthur’s life changed on October 26, 2017. That’s the day he was released from prison after serving 17 years 9 months and 13 days. Upon leaving, he immediately knew he wanted a new lease on life. He heard about a job fair at CitySquare, so he visited the CitySquare Opportunity Center in South Dallas and met with Shanay Wise, manager for the CitySquare WorkPaths Hospitality program, a six-week program that provides basic job training and certification in the food service industry.

In November of 2017, Arthur enrolled in the program. It happened that the CitySquare Café was opening as he graduated. As part of this unique training program for neighbors seeking to earn a living wage in the food industry, CitySquare was looking to hire a full-time Food Recovery Coordinator. Arthur applied for the position, feeling it was a perfect fit.

CitySquare felt the same. In early 2018, Arthur was hired. He is now a member of the full-time staff at CitySquare, where he fights poverty every day by working with neighbors and community partners to reduce food insecurity in our city.

Arthur says that taking classes at CitySquare didn’t just give him a career, it gave him purpose. The class complemented the experience he already had, allowing him to hone in on, and refine, his culinary skillset.

Arthur’s advice for anyone who could benefit from the services offered at CitySquare is to find out exactly what they want to do. He explains that a class at CitySquare can truly change the trajectory of a person’s life.