Meet Amano

Categories: Meet Our Neighbors

Amano acquired a criminal charge in 1993. With this charge, he was unable to find stable employment, and despite his continued efforts Amano fell into poverty. He found himself having to rely on family to keep a roof over his head. Even though he had a wide range of skills, Amano was not given the opportunity to work.

Amano enrolled in school but quickly realized the traditional education model was not for him. He then discovered CitySquare’s WorkPaths Program, designed to assist unemployed and underemployed adults with intensive pre-employment training, which increases functional skill levels and enhances employability.

Amano is now excelling in his employment opportunities. He continues to gain more knowledge, which he utilizes in his newest business venture, real estate. We need more opportunities for our neighbors and we hope you will join us in creating them. We can all be a part of creating economic equity for our neighbors and by supporting programs like WorkPaths, we can work toward closing the economic divide and winning the fight against poverty!