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Workforce and Financial Empowerment provides direct services for neighbors seeking to advance their economic status through job trainings, employment, and financial products, with the goal that every neighbor is work ready and financially stable. 

CitySquare offers a variety of Workforce and Financial Empowerment services:


Professional Development: Develop soft-skills such as networking, resume development, interview preparation, and more! CitySquare also offers workshops to increase computer skills, including computer and internet basics and training for Microsoft suite: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, improving internet search skills, typing, and more.

Financial Coaching: A personal financial coach will work alongside you to manage finances and achieve goals such as building credit score, making a budget, opening a banking account, and more. Neighbors may also take advantage of lending circles and various financial products to increase credit and savings.


Neighbors who are ready to engage in employment support services may also work with CitySquare coaches to reach set goals. 

Job Training: Connect with a CitySquare coach to identify the areas of work interest (customer service, logistics, etc.) and get help enrolling in a job or vocational training program. A CitySquare workforce coach will stay in touch throughout the training program. 


Job Support: Are you ready to find a job? CitySquare will connect you to a workforce coach to develop a plan on applying and securing a job.

Interested in enrolling in job training or finding job support?


Resource Coaching: Neighbors engaged in job training or job support will also be assigned a resource coach to support any economic and social hardships. This may include connecting with in-house resources, screening for eligible government benefits, and referrals to resources available through CitySquare partner organizations.

How to reach us:


Call or text us at: 214-449-0354

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