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Giving to CitySquare is easier than ever! To make a donation, follow the step-by-step instructions below and choose the donation that's right for you. With your 100 percent tax-deductible donation to CitySquare, you will help advance our mission to fight poverty.




























Are you an AmeriCorps member, security staff or have general questions?  

Contact Development at


Why does CitySquare need staff support?

Contributing employees demonstrate to our community that the mission, vision, and values of CitySquare matter, especially to those that carry it out each and every day. When we stand with CitySquare, we send a powerful message to others that we are worthy of philanthropic support.


How much should I give?

Participating as an employee donor is completely voluntary. Every gift has an impact, no matter the size. CitySquare offers two options to give: Payroll Deduction and One-time giving. 


How does payroll deduction work?

Payroll deduction is an easy way to make a reoccurring gift to CitySquare. When you enroll in payroll deduction, your gift is automatically deducted from your paycheck each pay period. This will continue until you contact us to stop deductions or you are no longer employed by CitySquare.

Can I make a gift online?

Yes! Gifts may be made online here. If you choose to make a gift online, please contact us or fill out this form prior to making your online contribution.


What if I already donate?

If you are already enrolled in payroll deduction, contact us to maintain or change your giving.  


Is my gift tax-deductible? 

Yes! Gifts to CitySquare are voluntary and 100 percent tax-deductible. 


My family member works for a company with a matching gift program. Will that help CitySquare?

If your family member's company participates in a matching gift program, your impact can be multiplied! To learn more about our matching gifts program contact us or click here to search for matching gift opportunities.  

Contribution Information

You authorize the above amount to be automatically deducted from your paycheck each pay period. 

One-time donations can be made via payroll deduction, credit card, check or cash. We will contact you to confirm preferred method of payment. To make a donation online, please visit

If you have questions on donating through your paycheck, please contact Winnie Bamuinikile.

AmeriCorps or Security Staff?

Please contact us to donate.

Employee Information
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