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Neighbor Financial Assistance



We are aware of the economic hardships many of our participants face. Participants are assigned a resource coach that can help get you connected with in-house resources, screen for government benefits, and refer you to resources available through our partner organizations.


CitySquare has partnered with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, the City of Dallas, Community Council of Greater Dallas, and private donors to launch the CitySquare Neighbor Financial Assistance Initiative (NFAI) to provide emergency funds through our Financial Empowerment program.


If you or someone you know is in need of emergency funds, please read the following information.    

COVID-19 Assistance Application
CitySquare is aware of the economic hardships many of our neighbors face. These hardship have only been further worsened due to COVID-19. For this reason, NFAI hopes to bring aid to many neighbors. For those who qualify, financial assistance is available for rent/mortgage and utility expenses; there is limited funding available for neighbors who need assistance with other items. 

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the funds is determined based on the income and location of residency responses provided in the application. Generally you must live in Dallas or the surrounding area. 

How to Apply for Funding 

If you live within the City of Dallas and need rent or utilities (cannot assist mortgage holders), please apply here. If you have any issues with this application, please call the helpline at (214) 978-4513. IMPORTANT! The City of Dallas will be closing these applications May 22nd, 2022 but will possibly reopen them again in the future. If you have any questions regarding rental assistance, please email financialcoach@citysquare.org.

If you live outside the City of Dallas, visit renthelpforme.com.

The Zoom Grants application will no longer be used for rental assistance for City of Dallas residents. Once we have funds available for non-City of Dallas residents, the Zoom Grants application will reopen.

Verification Documentation Required  

Please gather one or more of the following eligibility documents:

  • Letter from employer demonstrating job loss or reduction in hours

  • Pre-Covid and post-Covid paystubs showing a reduction in hours

  • Pre-Covid and post-Covid bank statements showing loss of income or reduction of income due to COVID-19

  • Letter from child-care place/school showing closure due to COVID-19

  • Documents showing added or increased childcare expenses

  • Doctor’s note stating you cannot work during COVID-19 outbreak due to being medically high-risk

Please also gather supporting documents for items for which you need assistance:

  • First and last page of lease

  • Rental or mortgage bill

  • Utility bills


Please note: We have limited funds available and may not be able to help with the full requested amount.