Dallas is Stronger

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A message from CitySquare President John Siburt

The mission of CitySquare is to fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy, and friendship. Our commitment to friendship stands in stark contrast to the divisive rhetoric dominating the civic and political discourse in our country. CitySquare rejects discourse that seeks to spark hatred, racism, and discrimination. We are in the business of building communities, but the hateful rhetoric making news today only destroys communities. The politics of exclusion and personal destruction only worsen the problem of poverty.

In the next few months, you can expect to see us working with other local leaders to elevate the discourse in Dallas to a level that reflects CitySquare’s values of faith, justice, community, and stewardship. We believe that Dallas is stronger than our disagreements. We are stronger than our problems. Our community can and will find a way to debate our differences without fracturing. CitySquare fully intends to be a part of that debate.

Every day, our supporters, volunteers, and staff put into action a deep commitment to love, service, and equality. They come together from every political and religious background to work with compassion and open-mindedness in the fight against poverty. No matter whom they voted for or where they worship, they carry a transformative hope for their neighbors and for our city. Because of them, Dallas is stronger.

We continue to cultivate a community sturdy enough to hear diverse perspectives without fraying the bonds of friendship. And we remain tirelessly devoted to seeking solutions to the problem of poverty no matter how difficult. We will not settle for simple slogans that perpetuate the status quo. Like you, CitySquare believes in a more hopeful future for all of our neighbors.

In the next edition of our Urban Living newsletter, you will discover new ways to join us in the fight against poverty as a volunteer, advocate, or donor. You will also find some of our perspectives on the most important issues facing us in the fight against poverty. I hope you will be inspired by the power of a diverse community of friends working together to embody shared values that transcend the shallow rhetoric of this season in our civic life. Thank you for being a friend to CitySquare, for believing in community, and for joining us in the fight against poverty. Because of you, Dallas is stronger.

For our city,

John Siburt