Cooking up Success

Date: April 4, 2017

Combining culinary education, creativity and a true devotion to serve others, Chef Jennifer Gause makes a daily impact in the lives of neighbors at CitySquare.

Gause began teaching the CitySquare Food Service and Hospitality Program last year, bringing with her the experience she gained as the culinary arts program director for the Career and Technical Education Center at Frisco ISD. She also owns her own business as a personal chef. That experience is invaluable to teaching the business side of the industry.

Gause gets to know each of her students. Understanding their motivations for taking her five week course helps her make sure they succeed as she trains them in knife skills, food preparation, menu planning, plating and presentation, and more. Each student will have his or her food handler’s certification before they complete the course.

In the short time she has with students, Gause helps them find the path that suits their personality and skills best. “Understanding and caring for ourselves is vital to success in any field,” she explains. “You can’t take care of and serve others if you don’t take care of yourself.”

With the skills she imparts to her students and the opportunities she gives them to learn, create and grow, Gause’s students gain both skills and self-confidence. At graduation many of them have already secured jobs, crediting Gause as a catalyst for their growth and success.