CitySquare Issue: Medicaid

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The United States Senate is likely going to begin taking action on the health care bill this week. The proposal to cut Medicaid by 25% will certainly impact CitySquare’s neighbors. Last week, the Congressional Budget Office projected that 22 million people would lose health insurance by 2026 if the Senate bill passes.

CitySquare stands firmly against the cuts, which would do lasting damage to the health of our neighbors and our community. But whatever your opinion, we believe every voice in Dallas should be heard during this important moment in our country’s history.

Call your senators and tell them what you think about the health care bill:

Senator Cruz’s DC office:

Senator Cornyn’s DC office:

Visit your Senators’ Dallas offices to speak with them about the health care bill:

Senator Cruz’s office
Lee Park Tower II
3626 N. Hall St.
Suite 410
Dallas, TX 75219

Senator Cornyn’s office
5001 Spring Valley Road
Suite 1125 E
Dallas, TX 75244
Main: 972-239-1310