Brandon Grey

Date: June 20, 2017

In 2008, Brandon Grey’s life was up-ended when, shortly after losing his job, his partner of many years passed away. Brandon had led a normal life with a career and a family up to that point. He was like any of us. But, suddenly jobless, he found himself sinking into a deep and crippling depression.

That began a downward spiral. “The darkest period of my life,” as Brandon describes it. For years, he drifted in and out of homelessness across several states as his mental health issues worsened and he began self-medicating, ultimately turning to illegal drugs.

In 2014, Brandon found himself living in a storage unit in Dallas, more alone than ever, addicted to drugs and HIV positive.

One day Brandon bumped into a friend of his. His friend had also been homeless until he found CitySquare and joined the CityWalk@Akard community. Brandon applied for an apartment at CityWalk.

It took several months, but CitySquare finally found Brandon a place in the community. He describes the day he moved in as “The day I became human again.”

As a member of the CityWalk community, Brandon got to take advantage of programs to treat his mental health and substance abuse problems, including the case managers with Community Life. But the loneliness that had brought him so low still weighed on him.

He remembers a moment in late December, shortly after joining the community, with Christmas approaching, when his depression began settling in for the holiday. Then there was a knock on the door. CitySquare neighbors and supporters had brought him a holiday meal.

In the time since, Brandon has recovered from his substance abuse, maintained his housing and secured treatment for his health issues. He credits CitySquare Community Life with giving him the resources he needed to get back his housing, his health and his hope. “They just helped. They never judged,” he says.

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