It’s a simple truth: we can't do what we do without your support! Your sponsorship directly impacts the lives of the more than 58,000 women, men, and children in our community who turn to CitySquare each year, many who turned to us for the first time this year. We can’t say it enough… Thank you! We are so grateful!


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Lynn & Bruce Cope

Susie & T. Hardie

Koonce Family Foundation

Moss, Luse & Womble, LLC

Jill & Lewis Weinger


Karen & Tom Falk


Brenda & Larry James
Robert S. Kaplan

Diana & Todd Maclin

Carolyn & Drew McBryde

The Siburt Family


Julie & John Blair

Peter Brundage

Toni & Edward Eckart

Mandy & Matt Elmore

Libby & Kris Oliver

Dr. Glenn & Gabriella Owen

Terri & Kent Sharp

Ann & Jeff Swope


Martha Lou Beaird

Lauren & Ben Berryman

Lynette & Nate Christensen

Gary Cochran

Lewise & David Crockett

Dr. Rebecca L. Euwer

Judy & Bill Kocman

Toni Lotspeich

Edie Diaz & Eric Ochel

Tresia & Edd Eason

Ruth M. Fitzgibbons

Kim Hull

Ellen & Tim Pfiffner

Tarik Rodgers

Lisa & Ken Stewart

Kyle Talkington & Edwin Escobar
Heather & Scott Zink


Jessi Blackburn

David Glass Investments, LLC
Libby & Rusty Goff

Tonia Howard

Karen & Tom McCracken

Ann & Michael Ochstein

Jane & Truman Spring
Christine & Harry Tomasides

Billy Bob & LaJuana Toombs
Dunia & Robert Shive 


Katherene Hough
Roger S. Khetan

Joyce & Neil Shoop

Event Underwriters

Forest Forward: Wine & Bubbly
Wendy & Boyd Messmann: Centerpieces
Lauren Dugger: Postage
Abby & Jason Henderson: Postage

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