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During 2021, CitySquare responded to a significant need in Abilene, Texas. The Abilene Independent School District works with approximately 250 unaccompanied, teenaged youth each school year yet the community did not have a way to effectively serve them outside of the school setting.


Abilene community members reached out to CitySquare to ask for our guidance and support as they worked to develop a Drop-in Center for Teens. “CitySquare Abilene” operated as a program of CitySquare from mid-2021 until March 2023. During that time, we were able to help support the effort by collecting their donations and providing administrative support. Abilene teenagers experiencing housing insecurity now have a safe and consistent place to belong, receive basic needs, and experience positive encouragement from mentors and counselors.


In March 2023, “CitySquare Abilene” incorporated and became an independent nonprofit named, Youth Voice Inc. We wish them well and are grateful for the success of the efforts. If you wish to learn more or donate to the initiative in Abilene, please follow this link to their website:

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