2016 Annual Report

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This is how we fight poverty

The CitySquare Annual Report chronicles another year fighting the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy, and friendship. The people and programs profiled will provide a glimpse of why we fight poverty.

CitySquare fights poverty through service because we believe our neighbors can achieve their dreams and goals and embrace a hopeful future when given opportunity instead of charity. We fight poverty through advocacy because we believe justice must be demanded when not freely given. We fight poverty through friendship because we believe in the power of community, the welcoming of strangers as neighbors, and the joy of investing in one another as friends.

This is why we fight poverty.

The annual report also provides a vision of how we fight poverty. We fight by adhering to our values of faith, justice, community, and stewardship. We fight by believing in the wealth of the poor and by trusting that those closest to a problem have the best solutions. We fight by building bridges of community instead of walls of division. We fight by daring to dream of a future in which opportunity is available to all.

This is how I fight poverty. This is how you fight poverty.
This is how we fight poverty.
We are CitySquare.

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