2015 Annual Report

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Moving Forward

Hope is belief in the future. It is the anticipation of obtaining dreams and goals. It is trusting that today is not the end of the story. Hope is the confidence to continue moving forward.

Hope comes in various forms to our neighbors. To some it is a bag of groceries. To others it is a job. Hope is a lawyer that will take the case. It is a place to call home. Hope is hearing “the doctor will see you now.” It is a new suit to wear to the job interview. Hope is a friend who listens. It is safety from the streets. Hope is treatment for addiction. It is earning the certificate needed to launch a career. Hope is being treated as a neighbor instead of a number.

CitySquare is in the hope business.

We fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship because we believe our neighbors have a future. We are confident our neighbors can achieve their dreams and goals. CitySquare is committed to helping our neighbors move forward.
As another year draws to a close, hope does not allow us to spend our time reflecting on past accomplishments or worrying about present struggles. It compels us to dream about the future. Hope propels us forward into the possibilities of tomorrow. We are not looking back. We are not standing still.

CitySquare is moving forward.

We invite you to move forward with us by making a donation to CitySquare today. Together, we can ensure our neighbors have a future beyond poverty.

A future full of hope.

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