2013 Annual Report

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A Year of Opportunity

Despite the challenges, we will continue our work of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, housing the homeless and renewing hope.

As we close out 2013, we look back on our first 25 years of existence with gratitude. We are thankful for you and your heart for CitySquare. In today’s political and social climate, advocating and working on behalf of our neighbors is, quite honestly, difficult. But we are in this together. We recognize that we were brought to this moment not to denounce this calling as a burden, but to take it on as an opportunity for our city. Despite the challenges, we will continue our work of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, housing the homeless and renewing hope. In doing so, we are reminded that we are always advancing with wisdom; and yet, when it comes to matters of poverty and survival, there is no room for retreat. As we look forward to the next 25 years, we know great things are on the horizon as we fight poverty through friendship, advocacy, and service. CitySquare will fight poverty with our neighbors. CitySquare will speak out for our neighbors. CitySquare will offer resources to our neighbors.

Our hope is unwavering. Our energy is undiminished. We remain committed to our core
values. And we have only begun to fight.

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