2012 Annual Report

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We’re here. {For humanity}

For 24 years, we’ve helped to fill in the blanks.

We all know people who make a difference. It happens every day,all around us.Every effort, large or small, has a cumulative impact on building a community. This year’s annual report is a celebration of neighbors, friends, and partners that use their voice, their vision, and their resources to make CitySquare and our community stronger. At CitySquare, we recognize that our resources belong to the community, and as stewards of those resources, we will act with integrity, demonstrate accountability, and operate efficiently and effectively. We take this responsibility seriously, as we see our organization as a community of neighbors investing in each other and developing meaningful relationships which value each individual. In this piece, you’ll learn how single mom Shontina turned to our LAW Center to help remove her children from a harmful situation. You’ll read about Janet Pearson, a volunteer and long-time donor, who has seen the organization evolve over the years. You’ll also hear from Tarik Rodgers, a businessman and fellow board member, as he shares how he and his wife came to support CitySquare. You’ll learn about the different programs offered at CitySquare and the number of neighbors who benefited from these services and therefore changed the trajectory of their lives. You’ll celebrate with us as we recap our events from this past year, and finally, you’ll learn more about our plans for the future and how our focus will shift to workforce training and job creation, health and wellness, and nutritious food preparation and distribution. In 2013, we are observing our 25th anniversary. While there is much to celebrate as we mark our first 25 years, the truth is, there is also much yet to do. We are grateful for your support and pray that you will deepen your partnership with us as we work with the thousands of neighbors who are interested in finding and creating better, more productive, self sufficient lives for themselves and their families. Not everyone can be here. CitySquare is here. Won’t you join us in the fight?

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