External Affairs

The CitySquare External Affairs department works as an advocate for our neighbors. We advocate through a wide range of actions and activities that seek to influence outcomes affecting the lives of the people we serve. Representing alternative perspectives to public and private decision makers and helping to guide and change the direction of public policy is one way in which CitySquare is able to seek justice for those struggling with poverty.

Led by Rev. Gerald Britt, CitySquare’s Public Policy agenda is developed as we learn from our programs and neighbors. It is an agenda that grows out of the organizations four pillars: Hunger, Health, Housing, Hope.

We work to remove the issues that perpetuate the cycle of poverty for our neighbors and the community. Effective advocacy includes the stamina and continued engagement necessary to ensure that the victories achieved provide the intended benefit.

Our Work

  • Health
    • Community education on the Affordable Care Act
    • Advocacy for Medicaid expansion
  • Housing
    • Inform policy leading to more permanent supportive housing in Dallas County
  • Hope
    • Support South Dallas/Fair Park redevelopment
    • Payday and Auto Title Loan reform
    • Build awareness about education disparity
  • Hunger
    • Grocery access in food deserts

Keep up with CitySquare’s External Affairs department and learn more about what you can do to fight poverty. Request to join the CitySquare Public Policy Facebook page here.